Body by Crome are experts in restoring Vintage Mercedes, Porsche,
VW, BMW and a variety of other European vehicles. No matter what we do, we believe that “a job worth doing, is worth doing well.”

We provide old-fashioned workmanship, combined with modern materials.
We don’t cut corners!

Below is a list of services we perform or can provide

  • Full or partial Restorations
  • Rust repairs , Metal replacement, Welding
  • Collision Repair, Panel replacement and repair
  • Frame straightening
  • Refinishing and Custom Painting
  • Two tone paint jobs,
  • Graphics, Striping, etc.
  • Accessories and Installation.
  • Body Kits, Spoilers, etc.
  • Stone guard application & Rustfroofing
  • Interior / Upholstery & trim-work
  • Glass replacement & Window tinting
  • Select Mechanical Repairs
  • Air condition service
  • Suspension repairs & upgrades/modifications
  • Brake service and upgrades
  • Wheel and tire upgrades, Adapters & Spacers
  • Tune-up’s and oil changes
  • Engine / Transmission replacements
  • VW Vanagon, VW to Subaru engine conversions